Colton Moody – Positive Parenting for Successful Children

An experienced manager with a track record of success, Colton Moody serves as the chief executive officer of Utah-based Choice, LLC. Colton Moody’s values-based program focuses on instilling boundaries and morals in both parents and children to create a safe and positive home environment.

Children benefit significantly from positive parenting that emphasizes good behavior, hard work, and courtesy. Nagging and yelling sometimes gets results in the short run, but in the meantime tend to create a tense or hostile atmosphere. Moreover, badgering children teaches them to engage in a war of attrition that entails constant battle. It makes more sense to inculcate in them responsibility, pride in their own work and contributions to the family and community, and a desire to be helpful.

In addition to the development of healthy values, children who recognize the importance of their own position in the family and community tend to be more likely to make good choices when faced with difficult situations. They also feel more comfortable asking for parental guidance, advice, and support than those who anticipate humiliating or painful punishment for mistakes. Rather than privileges and purchases, parents establish trust between themselves and their children with love, attention, and clear rules and expectations.